I am Wet

Wet as Canyon Lake.

Wet as the succulent on my window sill.

Wet as my hair right now.

Wet as Sophie’s uncle’s pool.

Wet as the mop closet at work.

Wet as the creek behind my middle school.


My wetness could fill the entire Pacific Ocean.

It could fill my green Camelback water bottle.

It could fill my freshly cleaned bathtub.

It could fill my Disney World souvenir cup.

It could fill the neighbor’s new YETI cooler.

It could fill my new designer purse.


All these lines are specific to my life and you probably do not understand the meaning behind most of them. See, I cry so much these days, that I just feel constantly wet all the time. I think with all the tears and water coming from my eyes, I could fill just about anything.



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