This is a little exercise I wanted to try in case it helps me feel a little less sad all the time. Basically, I will be writing some positive things about myself an try to really focus on them throughout the day. Some of them sound a little silly…..You should try this too!

  1. I have pretty and white teeth.
  2. My acne is clearing up more.
  3. My hair will do anything I want it to.
  4. I am funny.
  5. I am good looking.
  6. I am a healthy weight. (114 pounds)
  7. I have cute feet.
  8. I have pretty lips.
  9. I already got accepted to one college so far as a junior.
  10. I am brave when there are rattle snakes two feet away from me.
  11. I can shoot a gun well.
  12. I do not smell bad like some of my peers.
  13. I can manage my time well.
  14. I am organized.
  15. I have little but pretty curves.

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