Bummer Summer

I am officially on Summer Break. While not having to deal with the incredible amount of stress from school, the girls who I strongly dislike, and my creepy teacher, there are other things that are stressing me out now. Firstly, I am at home like ALL the time with my family usually not doing anything. … Continue reading Bummer Summer



This is a little exercise I wanted to try in case it helps me feel a little less sad all the time. Basically, I will be writing some positive things about myself an try to really focus on them throughout the day. Some of them sound a little silly.....You should try this too! I have … Continue reading Affirmations

It Hit Me

For the past few weeks, I have been having a mental breakdown almost every day. I cry and sometimes do not know why. Sometimes it is because I miss someone or sometimes I just hate who I am. And then it hit me. I am overly emotional. I can switch from happy to sad in … Continue reading It Hit Me