Trying Life

As you can probably tell from my recent posts, I have been really down lately. No matter how hard I try, its impossible to keep me motivated because of my depression. My typical day goes like this: wake up, go to school, come home, do homework, eat dinner, go to bed. On weekends, I might … Continue reading Trying Life


How Do You Say Goodbye?

Have you ever met someone so great, you wish you hadn't? I have. December of last year, I met a man online. He was everything I wanted and more. He was the only person in the entire world that made me forget that I had depression. Overtime we talked, good came out of it; whether … Continue reading How Do You Say Goodbye?


I met a man. He was everything I ever wanted. He made me feel like the best version of myself. The man disappeared. He left me sadder than ever. I have hit my all time low. I do not know if there is any getting better. I don't know if he died or not. He … Continue reading Him

Post-itivity! Something a Little Different

This blogger reminds me of myself in a few ways… she is really lovely and you should totally check out her blog! These photos in this particular blog reminded me of a few photos I took of my nature here at my house… it was a rough time then but I took them to make me feel better and it did. Check it out!

A Girl and Depression

Hi all! 😊

Usually for Post-itivity, I find a quote that I like and write about my take on it, in what is usually a good-sized post.

Today, however, (or actually, yesterday because I schedule these) I said nah, I don’t feel like doing that today. Maybe because I’m lazy, I don’t know! 😂 But I really wanted to share some pictures that I took today with you, plus talk about spring.

Spring has sprung! At least, where I live. Although there have been bouts of rain here, it has generally become warm and sunny. All of the beautiful things of this season have arrived- flowers, birds, bees, sunshine, pollen, allergies. Amazing things, all of them;)

And with this sudden weather change comes a euphoria that snaps me out of depressive stages. I mean, I simply can’t not be happy with the sunshine and flowers and whatnot. Since I couldn’t…

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So yesterday was Prom. I never planned on going just because I am at a new school and still no one really tries to be my friend. Well maybes friend and a couple cool girls I know INSISTED I go, plus if I went this year, my senior prom is free. So I said, why … Continue reading Prom…