Self Image

As a teen girl,  I struggle a lot with my physical appearance; even though I have been told I look like many pretty celebrities such as: Ariana Grande, Shailene Woodley, Sandra Bullock, Hailey Baldwin, and Kendall Jenner. I guess I am just one of those people with a very versatile face…

Anyways, I still look in the mirror each day and find something I do not like. I am constantly jealous of other girls and wish I could look like them. I will be the first to say I HAVE NOT fully accepted my self image and I am not sure I ever will. However, over the years, I have found some tips that help me stay positive and temporarily feel great and love my looks. Of course, I have been doing these tips for a while and I will not lie to you, they really help!

  1. Stridex: This is a acne treatment that has really helped my skin for the past year and a half. I would always be at the dermatologist and no medication ever worked:( My friend introduced me to this product and it has cleared my skin! Instead of constant acne, I will get occasional zits now which I am totally OK with! Acne was something I really do not like about myself. But thanks to this product, I am more positive. PLEASE give it a try!
  2. Water: water is the ultimate medicine. It literally helps your body in a million ways! Drinking water will leave your skin moisturized and beautiful and your body healthy as well! Drink up.
  3. Makeup: There is nothing wrong with wearing a little makeup. I have worn it since seventh or eighth grade (very tiny amount) and in high school I have had the same drugstore routine. It occurred to me that I was sort of in a makeup rut, and I had to get out. So, I changed up my makeup routine and watched some youtube tutorials. I feel as though changing up your look and trying new ones can help you find just the look you want.
  4. Clothes: I recently have been saving my money to buy some clothes here and there. I am trying to build  a new wardrobe for college that I am satisfied with. Having your own style can make you feel pretty and different. I even go to Goodwill to pick out vintage pieces to go with my style and girl, I always look so darn CUTE!
  5. Photos: This one may seem a little strange. Whenever you feel cute, TAKE A SELFIE, just really feel yourself. Its what I do, and it really helps. I will be scrolling through my camera roll and see that amazing selfie and I will be like, “OMG I am so cute!” and I get motivated to feel positive about my self again.
  6. Trends: I am not talking about following them. Start them! I am on my third high school as a junior and I try starting trends all the time. Ill do something I see in a music video or old movie, do it, and get satisfied when everyone starts following my trend!
  7. Bare it All: Take off your makeup or if you are a male, just stare at yours in the mirror. Say out loud, three things you think are beautiful about what you see in that mirror. Sometimes a little self boasting or encouragement makes me realize how beautiful I really am. Just say, ” damn you lookin’ fine” and omg it really helps!

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