Life Update

Okay I just wrote this post, published it 2 hours ago, someone liked it, and now it disappeared. I have no idea what happened and I am actually really kinda upset.

Anyways, I basically was just talking about how I have not been on my blog in foreverrrr. And I’m alive! I want to keep writing in this blog as it acts as my own little ‘diary’ thing… So far just today I have felt better and less alone just through writing this and my other post I published today.

Since the last time I wrote, a few things have changed with me. I chopped my hair off (its already growing back super fast; you probably can’t tell in my black and white featured photos on the top of each post, but yea), I got a new car after totaling my other one, I managed to get my Algebra average up, I made a couple new friends, I lost a couple friends though, I went back to work over Spring Break, I spent the week at friends house after my grandpa died, I gained a pound (yay), and I am wearing a new shade of lipstick.

I know these things are not interesting at all, but I just felt like writing today. Hope you are having a great day:)



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