The Time I Cried in Class

Today I cried at school. Now if you knew me, you would know that I never cry in front of people. EVER. I recently moved to a new school and it has been a real challenge. All my grades are pretty good except one. Algebra. Gosh do I hate math:/ Well anyways, I was taking  test at the end of the day and it was pretty much the hardest test in my life. The worst part is, I studied my butt off for it and it never paid off. I get my grade tomorrow and I am not lying when I say I most likely got a 5 on it. So I go to my teacher later after school to return her calculator (my broke earlier in the day) and just flat out started crying. It was in front of the sophomores too! Ughhhhhh. She asked “So did ya pass?” with a grin on her face when I yelled no and balled. The struggle is real.




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