Welcome to my blog:)

Hi, welcome to my very first blog! Actually, that’s a lie. Back in freshman year of high school, I had to make my own blog for english class. It was just about the books I read for class and maybe got 19 views. To be honest, I don’t even remember the name of it. Anyway, so why am I making this blog? Easy, I thought it could be fun. I have had some regular teenage drama and hardship in my life and I saw in a movie once that writing a blog can be very therapeutic so I thought I would give it a try. So please enjoy my blog as I post about the life of an everyday teenage girl. Keep visiting my page for confessions, favorites, struggles, etc.

Wow, I almost forgot to add this!  You may be wondering the origin of my blog’s name. It’s pretty uncreative I know, but I thought it was pretty cute. Remember that movie “13 Going on 30” where the popular girl group at school called themselves “The Six Chicks”? Well, I am the seventh. I’m the girl who is definitely popular and cool, but because I’m not mean and obsessed with drama, I’m not fully considered one of the six chicks. The hick part? I’m from the South:P


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