A Desire: A little something about me, just because.

Have you ever had a huuuuuuuuuuuuge desire to do something or be something? Did you accomplish or get it? How happy were you? Well I have this enormous incredible desire and the worst part is, I do not think I will ever get it. See, I want so bad to be able to write beautiful … Continue reading A Desire: A little something about me, just because.

I am Wet

Wet as Canyon Lake. Wet as the succulent on my window sill. Wet as my hair right now. Wet as Sophie's uncle's pool. Wet as the mop closet at work. Wet as the creek behind my middle school.   My wetness could fill the entire Pacific Ocean. It could fill my green Camelback water bottle. … Continue reading I am Wet

3 a.m.

I need to start uplifting myself. (If that makes sense). I need to change my mental health. This sadness is intense. My world is spiraling down. I need to get some sleep. I feel like I will drown. Everything makes me weep.

I Am Dying

I have severe depression. I have not told anyone in my family about it. I am scared they will do nothing to help and that will damage and hurt me even more. I told my best friend about it but it makes her uncomfortable to talk about it, I think so I don't bring it … Continue reading I Am Dying

Bummer Summer

I am officially on Summer Break. While not having to deal with the incredible amount of stress from school, the girls who I strongly dislike, and my creepy teacher, there are other things that are stressing me out now. Firstly, I am at home like ALL the time with my family usually not doing anything. … Continue reading Bummer Summer


This is a little exercise I wanted to try in case it helps me feel a little less sad all the time. Basically, I will be writing some positive things about myself an try to really focus on them throughout the day. Some of them sound a little silly.....You should try this too! I have … Continue reading Affirmations

It Hit Me

For the past few weeks, I have been having a mental breakdown almost every day. I cry and sometimes do not know why. Sometimes it is because I miss someone or sometimes I just hate who I am. And then it hit me. I am overly emotional. I can switch from happy to sad in … Continue reading It Hit Me

Trying Life

As you can probably tell from my recent posts, I have been really down lately. No matter how hard I try, its impossible to keep me motivated because of my depression. My typical day goes like this: wake up, go to school, come home, do homework, eat dinner, go to bed. On weekends, I might … Continue reading Trying Life